Oil Painting, Cleaning and Restoration

Oil paintings can be preserved for centuries. It takes a professional restorer to maintain the structural integrity of the artwork.

  • If your oil painting has surface dirt, it needs to be cleaned and varnished.
  • If your oil painting is peeling and/or cracking, it needs to be cleaned and varnished.
  • If the canvas is deteriorating, it needs to be re-lined, in painted and then varnished.
  • If your oil painting looks yellow, the old varnish needs to be removed, then cleaned and varnished.


Photo Restoration

Bring in your heirloom photographs that have been faded and damaged, we can restore it to an almost as new conditions. Color photographs that have been faded can also be brought back to close off its original colors.

Frame Restoration

Restoration of antique and period gilded picture frames can include structural repairs to the frame system, gesso restoration, replication and replacement of missing ornamental elements, cleaning, and sometimes removal of inappropriate finishes. Conservation of antique gilding and in-fill gilding and gold leafing as required completes the process. Conservation framing is the process of protecting your piece of art where it will last for years to come as well as maintaining its value. The main components of conservation framing are acid free mats, acid-free backing, and ultraviolet glass. Major factors to consider in your framing order are the glazing (glass), mat-boards, if used, mounting techniques and backing material. All these materials should be acid-free/museum quality. A true acid free mat board is made out of cotton rather than the less expensive mats which are made out of wood pulp.



We inherited my great grandmother’s sheepskin diploma from Iowa University, which she received in 1890.  It was beginning to show its age and we took it to two other restorers who both said that the diploma was glued to acid paper and could not be restored.  We then learned about Helen and Richard at A Frame of Art.  Bottom line, the diploma came out wonderful.  We could not be any more pleased. Great Results, Great Service - we are extremely happy campers.
— Paul and Jane Gorsky


Below are before and after samples of restoration work we've done