Printing and Editing



A Frame of Art is now your local source for Fine art and Photography print needs and can reproduce your saved & digital Award winning Fine Art Papers and Canvases. Then to be custom framed by our skilled artisans to create a masterpiece out of your digital copy.


Our high quality Art Paper produces absolutely astonishing black and white & color fine art prints. Elegance Velvet Fine Art Paper was designed specifically for the Epson K3 inks. This combination is utilized by quality driven fine art print makers who demand nothing less than the best and comes with an Archival Quality Certificate.


For those looking to print their artwork to Canvas, an optical-brightener free, museum-grade matte poly cotton blend  canvas, a stand-alone performance leader in dmax (black density), color gamut, is specifically designed to achieve maximum color gamut and black density with the new epson K3 inks. Using matte black inks will produce the highest quality fine art prints on the market today. This canvas too, comes with an Archival Quality Certificate.

“Producing Breathtaking pieces of Art out of your digital collections.”

Printer and Ink

A Frame of Art utilizes the Epson UltraChrome K3™ ink technology, which includes eight new color pigments, including a new three-level black technology, which significantly increases the potential quality output for professional color and black and white prints. According to Epson, these inks offer the widest color gamut of any ink currently available on the marketplace (an increase of approximately .2 Dmax to the Ultrachrome). The addition of the third black ink allows us to produce true monochrome (black and white) prints. The Epson k3 inks also utilize “High Gloss Mircocrystal Encapsulation Technology” which serves to minimize bronzing on glossy papers.


We can produce archival giclee art reproduction with amazing color integrity, gloss-level, and scratch resistance. furthermore, we can produce professional neutral and toned black and white prints with higher density levels and virtually no metamerism or bronzing. Print resolution is 2880 x 1440 dpi. As far as size, we are capable of handling almost any media type, in roll or cut sheet, up to 44-inch wide. The most popular media type used is giclee canvas for giclee canvas art (or, a canvas gallery wrap.).


Whether your art is digital or physical, we can help you edit and touch-up to restore the art or add elements that you've always wanted.

Helen Tjaden